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Why Choose HomeCrafters

Why You should choose HomeCrafters to construct your New Home?

Have the home of your dreams custom designed

We take the "Pain" out of home building

You Save Time by our faster building process

Your "One Stop Source" for your new home.

"No Dealers, No Middlemen adding cost to your home- fewer contractors and fewer problems."

HomeCrafters can Design your new Home.

HomeCrafters is responsible for construction of your home.

Design - Build Advantage

HomeCrafters manages the entire Design - Build system.

We take care of the entire custom home experience from concept through the entire building process. By managing the designing and building together, you can benefit from this in many ways.

HomeCrafters Project Management System saves you time from concept to completion. It provides you with one stop shopping and accountability.

Construction Systems

  • Project Planning
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Extensive Plans
  • Computerized Management
  • Training Systems

    The system offers you a chance to develop a solid working relationship with the designer/builder before signing the construction agreement.

    The design is achieved more economically. HomeCrafters provides you with a preliminary estimate to obtain your financing.

    Prior to Construction Drawings you may select options, specify products and make changes to your plan prior to committing to construction

    This save Money and Time. Fewer change orders means faster delivery.

    The project management system promotes a cohesive team work between client, designer and construction.

    You get a professional "State of the Art" Cad Design for your new home.

    We manage your project in a “Systems Approach” to construction.

    We pay attention to the little details – our Specifications provide you assurance your project will be done to your requirements.

    Quality materials through out.

    Technical Staff has detailed information and manuals to bring you the highest Quality Craftsmanship found in the industry.

    Faster Construction – lowers your investment cost.

    1. Planning Stages in the Shortest Amount of Time.
    That means close collaboration with you-on the drawing board and on the site. It's in your best interest, and ours, to see that you get the home you want, where you want it, when you want it, and at a price that meets your budget.

    2. Completed Homes in Less Time Than Stick-Built Construction.
    Because the site work and home construction can be completed simultaneously, it translates directly into fewer financing charges and happier homeowners. This also means a faster occupancy rate for commercial construction, such as malls and townhouses.

    3. HomeCrafters Homes Has a Reputation for Quality Construction.
    Our internal quality control inspector ensures that quality control is maintained throughout the entire building process from start to finish. In fact, our building exceeds FHA, VA and other building requirements.

    Each Module has a printed "Quality Control" Inspection form with over 400 inspection points your home must pass.

    4. Expertise in a Wide Variety of Projects.
    Our expertise ranges from single-family homes, apartments complexes, retail, and office projects.

    5. Your Plans or Ours.
    HomeCrafters Homes construction methods allow you almost infinite design capacity. Our Design Department uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design the exact project you need or the home of your dreams. HomeCrafters creates detailed Options and Specificiations for each home.

    6. Top-of-the-Line Materials.
    At HomeCrafters, you can expect quality equal to or better than anticipated from other building methods. You will find that there is almost 20-30% more materials in our homes versus site built construction, making your home stronger and better built.

    7. More Sturdy Than Stick-Built Construction.
    Because the building components are shipped as Modules, the construction must be more durable than is necessary for on site buildings. This makes an ideal Home for demanding conditions of a harsh climate.

    8. Turn-Key Projects.
    A HomeCrafters' Authorized Independent Builder will assist you in every step or your new home-from planning and designing your home to the necessary site work and finish work.

    9. Modular Construction Reduces the Possibilities of Cost Overruns.
    You'll agree on the price of your home before it is constructed, and that's the same price you'll get when you close. "Surprise costs" are virtually eliminated in the modular home building process.

    3 Way Sign-Off

    1)Each Station: the Foreman signs off on each station before the home goes to the next station.

    2) Our QC inspector is like a watch dog who inspects and reviews the plans, specs and insures your home passes according to our rigourous standards.

    3) Outside Inspection: Outside Professional Inspectors inspect each home.
    Each module goes through a rough inspection of all framing, mechanical, plumbing and electrical.

    Final Inspections for all final trims, final mechanical, final plumbing, final electrical.

    Plus - You the Client performs a final walk through prior to delivery.