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Easy Steps to Your New Custom Home

HomeCrafters has developed a simple 6 EASY STEPS process that allows you to customize your new home and the building process an enjoyable experience.

Our unique process ensures that your experience will result in a new home that's right for your family, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Since you are considering a new custom home you have many choices and options.

Six Easy Steps: Describe what you want in a home.

1) Design Consultation:

Review Your Requirements
Select a Home Plan from HomeCrafters List
have a Home Plan Custom Designed
Select Your Options

First a HomeCrafters consultant gets to know about your lifestyle , style of home,type of plan, size requirements and layouts.

Are you moving up with a growing family, moving down to enjoy the next phase of your life?

Do you have teenagers or parents moving in?

Our Home consultant's first job is to listen to you !

  • Select a Model or
  • HomeCrafters will create a "Mini Plan"
  • Formalize your Design with a Scaled set of plans.
  • Select Options and Selections.
  • HomeCrafters creates preliminary project estimate for financing.

    HomeCrafters designs and builds homes in a wide range of prices depending on the needs of our clients.

    Through communicating with our homeowners we facilitate the process and create an enjoyable homebuilding experience.

  • 2) Investment, Budget & Financing Your Home

  • Your Equity Investment
  • Prepare financial statements, tax returns
  • Select a Lender and Apply for Financing
  • Obtain Financing

  • 3) Site Selection

    HomeCrafters designs YOUR new HOME to fit your site.
    If you have not found a site let HomeCrafters help you with your site requirements.
  • Site Selection
  • Site Analysis
  • Site Testing
  • Site Acquisition
  • 4) Building Your Home

  • Finalize construction drawings and specifications
  • Finalize Construction Documents
  • Schedule Project
  • Design Center- meet with our designer to make final decorating solutions
  • Ordering and Pre Construction Phase

    Build Your new Home

  • Site Construction

  • Home Construction

  • 5) Deliver and Set Your New Home

  • Foundation Prepared
  • Site Prepared
  • Deliver Home
  • Install and Set Home on Foundation

  • 6) Final Utility Hook Ups, Home Finishes, Landscaping, Fences, etc.

  • Final Construction Items
  • Hook Up Utitlities
  • Final Approvals - Occupancy Certificates
  • Close on Permanent Financing