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Step 1. Meet with HomeCrafters
We'll help you select or create the ideal house plan design for your new home, and we'll prepare a construction cost estimate.

Step 2. Architectural Drawings and House Plans.
Architectural drawings and detailed house plans usually take about 30 days. You'll need to make a design deposit equal to 5% of our preliminary quote, but in most cases, it is 100% credited towards your purchase, so your custom blueprints and architectural drawings are free.

Step 3. Construction Costs.
Once your architectural drawings and detailed house plans are complete, local builder's cost can be finalized. It normally takes only several weeks to get firm construction bids from home builders we have recruited to build your new home.

Step 4. Financing.

If you plan to finance your new home and have been pre-approved, it normally takes two to four weeks to close the loan. Mortgage lenders will want to have your final blueprint drawings and firm construction bids from your builder prior to final loan closing. Topsider has relationships with various lenders, if you have not already located one.

Step 5. Building Permits.
Your local builder and HomeCrafter's technical and construction staff will work together to apply for and expedite permission to build by the various building authorities. This often takes only a week or two, but it can take longer if you're building in an environmentally sensitive area.

Step 6. Order Your Home
It usually takes 60-90 days to get the complete package to your site, based on season and backlog.

Step 7. We'll take care of Building your Home
HomeCrafters will commence construction of your new home.

Step 8. Deliver Home to Site
We will work with you to set up delivery and the crane service to install your new home.

Step 9. Install Your Home
A trained "Set Crew" will arrive with the Crane to set your home.

Step 10. Enter Subcontractors
Your home is now ready for the "Final Stitching" and installation of the water, sewer, electric, mechanical and plumbing.

Step 11. Final Walkthrough
Your final items are gone over and finished so you can

----Move IN----