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I certify that I am a licensed Realtor. I understand that I will receive periodic email notices and that I may remove myself from the email list at any time.

I understand that signing up with my complete and accurate information is a requirement of membership. Signing up for this service entitles me to be a part of HomesCrafters' Realtor incentives and commissions program.

In consideration of that opportunity, I understand that HomesCrafters will send me information, utilize my data as a part of their business and make my information available for marketing and sales purposes which may include certain vendors, consultants or contractors.

The Sales program is designed to incent Realtors to sell more HomesCrafters' Homes. I understand if I do not abide by the program rules, I may not be eligible for the program incentives. The program rules are:

1. Register any contacts either on the web or with a sales agent. 2. You must accompany your client on the first visit to the community or model home. 3. You should only register qualified contacts. Realtors who abuse the system or register a high proportion of unqualified contacts may be removed form the program at Vantage Homes sole discretion. 4. Incentives are paid after closing.

If you do not accept these terms you will not be eligible for any HomeCrafters' benefits.