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HomeCrafters can assist finding the right team of Site Evaluation Professionals who are trained in site evaluation and development.

Your HomeCrafter's Sales associate will visit your property with you and then assist you with:

  • Placement of the home
  • Site clearing requirements
  • Construction access options
  • Topography related topics
  • Foundation information
  • Utility requirements

  • The Lot Itself

    Performing a soil test can be a worthwhile investment to assess the viability of the land you are considering. Things they should help you evaluate include:

    * What is the soil type of the lot, and will it require improvements to build the type of house you want? If you want a basement and your lot is rocky, you might have just signed up for $20,000 worth of blasting expenses. Similarly, a lot with peat underneath it can require $20,000 or more in pilings before you even start the foundation. More commonly, clay soil might require that you bring in some higher quality fill material as a base for your foundation. * Where is the water table? If it is high, you might have water intrusion problems in your basement. Too low and you may need to pay more to drill a well to supply your country get-away.

    * Are you on city water and sewer, or will you need to pay for a well and septic?

    * Do you need to pay for water rights? In the west, it is not uncommon for areas separated by just miles to have vastly different water rights.

    * There is always a tradeoff between how close you are to main roads and your exposure to traffic noise. Be sure to consider that balance in order to find what is right for you.

    * Are you near an airport? If so, what are the flight paths in and out of the airport, and are any new runways planned that could affect you? Screaming over airplanes while sipping your morning coffee is probably not your cup of tea.

    * Is the land hilly or flat? If you like a lot of light in your basement, a walk-out lot is ideal. Conversely, a lot with a steep slope may require you to build retaining walls you hadn't planned.

    Thinking through these steps and doing your research will help you find the right location to build the home you and your family are sure to enjoy for years to come – and ensure a favorable resale value when the time comes to resell.

    Your Sales Associate will not only assist in the assessment of your property but will provide comprehensive solutions.

    This is part of our total project coordination approach to doing business and is our way of simplifying the process for you.