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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What area does HomeCrafters deliver ?
We build in Wyoming, Colorado,New Mexico , Louisiana, and Mississippi

Q: What Codes do HomeCrafters follow ?

2015 IRC International Residential Code
2009 IBC International Building Code
2015 International Mechanical Code
2015 International Plumbing Code
2015 National Electric Code
2015 International Energy Code
Plus any additional codes as mandated by your local and state authorities

Q: Does HomeCrafters offer home warranties?
A: HomeCrafters offers a one-year warranty guaranteeing against defects in materials, workmanship and structural defects. Additional warranties offered by the manufacturers of building components also apply to the constructed home and will be honored for the term specified by those manufacturers.

Q: How long does it take to build a HomeCrafters Home?
A: Once the approvals are received it generally takes between 12 to 16 weeks for your home to be built and ready for delivery. However, this time may vary due to the complexity of the home or other situations beyond our control.

Q: How much does a HomeCrafters Home cost?
A: HomeCrafters is an off site custom builder. Pricing will vary depending on style and location of delivery. Please check with your local model homes center or our corporate office for individual pricing questions. A HomeCrafters Home may cost substantially less than an on site built home.

Q: Does HomeCrafters offer financing ?
A: Check with a HomeCrafters representative for help with financing options available in your area.

Q: What are the steps to buying a HomeCrafters Home?
A: Once you have contacted a HomeCrafters representative, they will assist you with your floorplans and options.
When you have decided upon the home of your choice, your plans will be submitted and reviewed by third party engineers and state authorities prior to construction.

Q: How do I purchase a HomeCrafters Home?
A: Call us and we'll contact you or set an appointment to meet at the HomeCrafters corporate office by either phone or email to discuss floorplan options and desired features for pricing.

Q: What are the advantages of building a HomeCrafters Home vs. a conventional home?
A: HomeCrafters can build your home with it's trained and qualified construction staff in a controlled setting so that your home is not left exposed to rain, other elements of nature, or theft. Also, there are no delays in construction due to inclement weather. All facets of framing are built in a jig so that you can be assured that your home is perfectly square. The perimeter joist material is made up of 13 layers of wood glued together that runs the entire length of your home to provide the house with the strength necessary to be transported. HomeCrafters homes are inspected throughout construction by our third party inspectors to insure that your home is built to the highest standards and applicable building codes. There are no unexpected cost overruns with a HomeCrafters Home. Once the contracted price is set, that is the price you will pay.

How many styles of homes does HomeCrafters offer?
A: As a custom builder, the different styles offered by HomeCrafters is virtually endless because of the numerous options and variations in floorplans. We offer:

  • Ranch style homes
  • Cape Cods
  • Two Story Traditionals,/li>
  • Mountain Homes & Golf Villas,/li>
  • Multi Family

  • Several roof-pitch options available, as well as a hip style, saddle and typical gable roof to give a customer the look they prefer.

    What about additional features such as garages or decks? A: Additional features, such as these, can be added and are completed by subcontractors after the home is set at your site.

    How does Permitting Work?
    A: There are two sets of permits required:
    For your home:

    HomeCrafters sends your plans and permit fees to the State Housing Division

    The Housing Division approves the plans and issues your permit

    HomeCrafters receives the approved set and commences with Ordering, Scheduling and Production

    We notify the client that permits have been issued and a production commencement date is set.

    Site Permits:
    Every local jurisdiction has their own set of rules and permitting regulations.
    The time to obtain permits vary for locale to locale.

    Generally the following Site Permits are needed:

    Environmental Hazard Inspection Report ( If existing structure being torn down )
    Demolition Permit ( If existing structure being torn down )
    Water and Sewer Taps ( By Client )
    Wastewatert Permit ( By Client )

    Zoning Permit ( By Local Contractor )

    Forest / Tree Removal Approval ( By Local Contractor )

    Building Permit ( By Local Contractor )

    Street Closure Permit ( By Site owner )

    Department of Transportation Permit ( by Transport Company )