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Company Step 1: Client Information & Project Scope

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Step 1: Client Information & Project Scope

HomeCrafters works in partnership with You

  • Learn about what You want in your new home
  • Style of Home - Traditional , Craftsman, Contemporary , Vacation, Modern , Investment ,etc.
  • Your Lifestyle - Are you formal or casual? Do you entertain alot?

    What do you like about your existing home?

    Have you ever built a home before ?

    What is your budget, investment and income to afford your Custom home?

    Where is your site? What kind of plan best fits on your land.

    Financing - how can HomeCrafters help you obtain the necessary financing of your project.

    Sale of existing property - Do you have to sell your existing home before starting your project.

    Do you have a Site picked out?

    From this information gathering we develop Your Project Scope to start