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Building Your Dream Home - the Process

Design - Build

HC has several preliminary Designs to "Spark your Imagination".

Each Home is Custom Designed and Delivered on your Site.

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Start with some of our Design Ideas

    From small starter home plans to large custom home plans, HomeCrafters has a wide variety of house plan sizes, home plan styles, and home plan designs to meet the needs of individuals building their dream home.
    Our house plans have a unique design style that combines great curb appeal and interior elegance with construction efficiency that homeowners appreciate. Our home collection consists of home plans that vary in style, character and square footage.


  • Construction
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Development
  • Distinctive Homes
    Custom Design-Build

    Built to Last a Lifetime.
    State of the Art Construction
    Leading Technology in Systems Building
    "Turn Key" Construction Solutions

  • Single Family Homes
  • Row Homes & Townhomes
  • Luxury IN Fill
  • Lofts & Condos
  • Cabins and Mountain homes
  • Golf & Beach Villas
  • Remodel Additions and 2nd Floor "Pop Tops"

  • Commercial Projects

    Traditional - Southern to Colonial
    Craftsman Style
    Contemporary - Modern
    Southwest - Sante Fe Adobe

  • Mountain Cabins & Townhomes

    HomeCrafters Steps to Building Your Home

    1) Lifestyle, Budget & Project Analysis

    2) Site - Analysis , Testing, Acquistion & Preparation

    3) Design - Start the Design Process

    4) Estimate , Options & Selections

    5) Financing - Obtaining the funds for your home

    6) Pre Construction -Construction Documents: Plans, Specifications

    7) Construction - Build the Project

    8) Project Warranty - follow up

    Lifestyle Analysis -
    Meeting to get to Know You.

    Once you have decided a custom home is in your future, the first order of business is to find a homesite.

    Our sales associates will take you through this process. They will find out and ask several questions regarding the size, topography, zoning, soils conditions, architectural conditions, etc.

    They will discuss with you your what kind, size and style of home you like along with personal features you would like to incorporate into your home.

    Many builders claim to design your home to fit your life.

    Our unique process allows us to build a home around every aspect of your lifestyle.

    HomeCrafters goes through an extensive in depth question list formulated to translate your dreams , wishes and desires into a "Project Scope"

    We like to get to know you.

    Next: a Preliminary Budget will be determined by finding out what you can afford.

    "There is no reason to design your Dream Home only to find out it is outside your financial ability"

    Site Selection:
    We will need to know about your site and requirements. We design your home to fit your site not to force a home fit on a site. When we find the right site we will design your home to maximize the uniqueness of the site and it's characteristics.

    HomeCrafters can help you with the Site Process :

  • Site Selection
  • Site Evaluation
  • Site Testing
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Preparation

  • Design:

    After you decide HomeCrafters is a match for you, it's time to Design your Home.

    To start the design we require a deposit.

    The deposit for design prepares a Preliminary ( NOT for construction drawings )

    Any costs for zoning and planning meetings, neighborhood associations, soils tests, soils engineering , hazard inspections, hazard abatements, foundation and structural engineering are billed at extra expense.

    These deposits are non-refundable, but will be credited toward the purchase price of your new home.

    Design work is charged against this deposit at the rate of $90.00 per hour. The deposit is typically sufficient to complete a preliminary set of plans so we can give you a firm price for your home.

    With our exclusive Detailing of your specifications and Selections our preliminary bid is usually adequate to apply and secure your financing.

    Before starting the design, we will also need to get the homesite under contract. If you are purchasing the homesite from an outside entity, we can assist you with the process.

    The design process starts with our Design Questionaire and you will receive HomeCrafters Customer Manual - "How to Buld a Home".

    It is organized to put your ideas on paper and collect any pictures, samples or the items and options you want in your new home.

    It gives HomeCrafters a road map and a place to Start your New Home Design.

    A first Draft plan called a "Mini Plan" starts your design process.

    The next set of drawings is your Design Set drawn to scale. This is the first draft of the plans.

    It will consist first of:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations - Front, Sides and Rear
  • Roof Diagram

    You will receive your Design Set of Plans within a couple of weeks. At this time you will review and may have 1 major revision to the plan.

    "There is no reason to design your Dream Home only to find out it is outside your financial ability"

  • Preliminary Bid and Estimate:
    While your plans are being drawn HomeCrafters Sales Associate will assist you in selecting options for your New Home.

    They will prepare our Detailed Sales Options and Selections Specifictions for you.

    You will receive one of the most detailed list of items by category that will go into your home.

    Once the design is prepared and the Sales Options are selected a "Preliminary Bid & Estimate" is prepared in writing for you to go over and review.

    Once you have the plans, sales options and your preliminary bid you will be able to give these documents to your lender to obtain your financing.

    HomeCrafters works with several reputable lenders who have all kinds of Financing Programs to fit your needs.

    We will introduce you to one of our lenders or you may already have someone you are working with. Our Sales Associate will help introduce you and assist the Lender to make your home building experience enjoyable.

    Financing your Home


  • Pre Construction Period
  • Scheduling
  • Construction
  • Delivery & Transport
  • Site Preparation
  • Final Installation
  • Move In

    Pre Construction Meeting

    At the preconstruction meeting, you are invited to sit down with your sales person, and production foreman for a final review of your Dream Home package.

    You will review the blue prints, sales options, and specifications.

    You will find out what to expect during the building process.

    After engineering is completed we will apply for State Permits.

    Once permits are obtained and material orders are placed we schedule your home into production.

    Your sales rep will remain your primary contact throughout the process.

    After your home is placed in production we will determine delivery dates

  • Delivery Scheduled
  • Order Crane for setting home
  • Schedule Set Crew

  • Warranty:
    HomeCrafters warrants all labor and materials for a period of 1 year after date of installation.

    Extended 10 year warranty on structural and framing of your home.


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