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Infill Project

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Setting Ranch Home

Project: Design - Build Infill Town Home on Narrow lot
in Denver's Washington Park area.

1. Foundation:

The foundation was dug and poured,waterproofed, water & sewer installed and utilities hooked up to the site. Then backfilled, ready to install the home.

2. Delivery:
Delivery and Crane are scheduled.
Crane arrived early and took approximately 1 hour to set up.

Next the home modules start to arrive within the hour. The crane crew is ready and the first floor module is strapped to the crane.

3. Setting the First Floor:

The first floor is lifted off the trailer and hoisted over the foundation to be set.

4. Setting the First Floor:
The first floor is positioned and set on the foundation.

5. Setting the Second Floor:
The Second Floor is positioned and set on top of the first floor.

6. 2nd Floor Module = Hour no. 3:
The Second Floor is positioned and prepped to accept the next step: the final roof top module.

7. Roof Module
The Roof Module arrives

8. Roof Module
The Roof Module is hoisted in place and lowered "Ever So Gently" down on the first floor.

9. Last Roof Module
The Last Roof Module is placed on the second floor.

The roof will be finished after the home is set. We call this "Stitching"

10. Ready to Move In
After about 6 hours the home is set.

The crane and set crew leave.

The Stitch Crew

  • Finishes the Roof and Siding
  • Any decks or patios are added
  • Electrical, Plumbing and Heating are hooked up
  • Final drywall repairs are made and paint is touched up
  • Systems are check out
  • Final flooring is installed where units meet, such as carpet or any seams that need to be done
  • Your NEW HOME is ready to move in