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Infill Project

Luxury Townhome

Vacation Cottage

Home Install

Setting Ranch Home

Site and Foundation

Foundation is prepared

Site has been back filled

Site and Foundation

Concrete is poured
Sill Plates in place

8:30 AM Module is Lifted

House is lifted off delivery trailer and craned onto foundation.

9:30 AM -1st Floor Modules are set

Crane is in place

Home is unwrapped

Straps in place to lift home on foundation

10:00 AM -2nd Floor Modules being Lifted

Each module is carefully lifted with the crane
and set on the first floor module.

10:30 AM - 3rd Module being hoisted onto 1st Floor

The Set Crew carefully installs each module and lines up the 2nd floor over the first floor

11:15 AM - Set Crew Adjusting Module

Set crew guides the module onto the home.

11:45- 2nd Floor Module no 4 is placed on 1st Floor

The last module is about ready to be set permanently.

The Set Crew finishes the rest of the day attaching the home to:

1) The Modules are nailed and strapped to the sill plates
2) The Set Crew attaches straps between the first and second floor.
3) by the end of the day the set crew has finished attaching the home to the foundation.

Your Home is ready to move in.

Couple of Months Later

The final installation has taken place

Mechanical Systems installed

Plumbing - Water, Sewer , Hotwater Heater are installed.

Electrical - Electrical is hooked up and main line installed to panel

Sidewalks, Patios, and Garage are built

Landscaping , Grass , Fencing is installed.